Louvre Clue Tour - Kids Friendly

Experience the Louvre differently with fun and imagination! A great and memorable entertainment with your family !

What messages do the masterpieces of the largest museum of the world have to give to you?
Finding out why some of them are superstars, with amazing clues, become a fascinating game! So let’s turn this huge and overwhelming institution into the exciting stage of a detective story. Modern detectives have modern ways to investigate, and to understand: with a camera, (easy with a cellphone) superimpose the XXIth century to the past and solve the brain-twister!!!
From the beautiful Venus of Melos, to the mysterious Mona Lisa, let’s follow the path that will lead you through space and time!
Your programme
Fun visit of the Louvre, with clues and your road-book to fill in gradually step by step with the help of your guide.
Your guide, an expert for the children, whatever their age, kids and teenagers too Visit of the great gardens near the Louvre, possibly games with kids
Option included: end of this private visit with a little charming stroll in the amazing covered passage near the Louvre with beautiful architecture and shops (possibly focused on the children).
This special and exclusive visit is upon availability of our “experts guides”. Duration: up to 4 hours